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Photo of Frances Densmore with Mountain Chief

November 2016

Discussion about a photograph of Frances Densmore and Mountain Chief sitting in front of the Smithsonian Castle.

Smithsonian Artifact Featured in this Video

Ethnologist Frances Densmore (1867-1957) spent much of her career working in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology and the Library of Congress, as she collected and preserved the music and culture of Native Americans. Densmore's mission was to alter the prevailing misrepresentation of Indian music and the under appreciation of its complexity and beauty, a goal she accomplished through prolific publication and careful research.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Accession 90-105, Science Service Records, Image No. SIA2008-0439
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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Smithsonian Institution Archives
Densmore, Frances 1867-1957
Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology
Library of Congress
Black-and-white photographs