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  • Music Exhibition at NMAAHC on Jazz
  • Music Exhibition at NMAAHC Featuring Parliament's Mother Ship
  • This spotlight highlights the connection between spirituality and music.

  • The year 2018 marks the anniversary of a number of remarkable music events and people. 

  • Celebrating Ella Fitzgerald's talent, passions, and musical legacy.

  • Jazz grew out of African American culture as it developed in the southern US during the 19th Century, and has intertwined with many other musical traditions.

  • Prince by Lynn Goldsmith 1993 (printed 2010) Digital inkjet print National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Jimmy Iovine © Lynn Goldsmith

  • Celebrating Asian Pacific American music and heritage.

Musical Treasures at the Smithsonian

From Louis Armstrong’s trumpet to Grandmaster Flash’s turntable and from a Central African harp to an Apache violin, these objects represent just a sampling of how music is collected, curated and studied at the Smithsonian. Explore these photographs, objects, and artifacts that help explain how music infuses our everyday life, brightening it with its sounds and beats.

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