• West African drums and dance
  • Taiko drummers Freer|Sackler
  • Smithsonian Receives Brian Setzer’s Gretsch Guitar
  • Latino Center: Concert

Smithsonian Music

Did you know? 

The Smithsonian’s combined musical resources constitute the world’s largest museum of music. Music is an integral part of the Smithsonian’s connective tissue, spanning a remarkable number and diversity of collections, programs, and exhibitions.

If you listen closely, the Smithsonian is not as quiet as you might think!

Smithsonian Music brings our vast music-related collections and expertise together in one place to highlight stories, must-hear events, and collections spotlights.

Smithsonian Year of Music 2019 | 365 Days of Music

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Leonard Bernstein, Carnegie Hall The Night I Met Lenny
National Portrait Gallery
Alidé Sans playing guitar Alidé Sans: “Eth Riu (Henerècla)”
Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Secret Trio performs The Secret Trio: “Slide Dance”
Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage