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Can You Show Us Some of the Pop Culture Collection?

July 2017

Dwight Bowers, Curator, Division of Culture and Arts at the National Museum of American History, shows us a costume worn by American country singer Patsy Cline.

Smithsonian Artifact Featured in this Video

Smithsonian Museum
National Museum of American History
Made for country music star Patsy Cline by her mother, this Western-style performance outfit features record-shaped patches stitched with the titles of Cline's records. Cline began singing with gospel and country bands as a teenager in Virginia. With her 1957 breakout hit "Walkin' after Midnight," she became the first female country vocalist to cross over to the pop charts. In 1960, Cline achieved her childhood dream of joining the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Three years later, she died in a plane crash.
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