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Greg Adams on the Banjo

Greg Adams, Assistant Archivist at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, is a banjo scholar and enthusiast. Smithsonian Music connected with him to ask him about the history of the banjo, how the instrument is played, and other related topics. 

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Smithsonian Folkways offers lesson plans on many topics. This plan features an examination of the relationship between the banjo and the music it's used to play.


Josh Thomas’ Roustabout: Exploring Composition Using Limited Tones
Designed by Maggie Corfield-Adams, Ph.D. and Greg C. Adams, Archivist (MLS), Ethnomusicologist (M.A.)

This lesson plan asks students to use Mike Seeger’s performance of “Josh Thomas’s Roustabout” as a gateway to exploring vocal expression within a limited-tone sequence. Students will (1) critically discuss the relationship between the voice and accompanying instruments, (2) compose their own limited-tone songs, accompanying themselves on Orff Instruments, and (3) improvise within a limited-tone sequence on recorders (optional).

Visit the Smithsonian Folkways website for the full lesson plan.