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Edward L. Monk

Executive Committee Member
Head of Web Development for the Smithsonian Institution from the
Office of the Chief Information Officer

Serves the Smithsonian community by providing technical expertise in researching, acquiring, and implementing appropriate enterprise applications. 

Previous experience:

  • 25+ years leading and managing the efforts of technical, functional, and business teams to accomplish the strategic goals of various operations
  • 4+ years serving as an IT leader for museum, education and research teams
  • 17+ years serving as a consultant to multiple commercial industries and State & Federal government agencies
  • 15+ years developing web based solutions for businesses and agencies
  • 10+ years of Business Intelligence (BI) systems design and reporting
  • 17+ years of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management and implementations
  • Experienced with organizations involved in the manufacturing and distribution of electronics, food, beverage, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals
  • 17+ years serving as a client-facing business analyst, collaborating at all levels within an organization and implementing enterprise grade business management and ecommerce solutions