Sushi Collection


The sushi-consuming experience is enriched by witnessing the preparation of the product. In tra-ditional sushi bars in Japan, sushi chefs typically wear a white chef uniform, which includes a coat, hat, and apron, to prepare the sushi products right before the customers’ eyes. In an effort to emulate this experience, Advanced Fresh Concepts has its sushi chefs in local supermarkets wear a similar uniform as they prepare fresh sushi products in front of customers. Understanding the hesitation that customers may have about the quality of the ingredients, preparation is also made visible to obtain the customers’ trust, and assure them that the products are freshly made.

The color and style of the uniforms vary based on the local supermarket’s store require-ments and marketing strategies. They are designed to blend in with the overall store atmosphere. Since its establishment, Advanced Fresh Concepts underwent a few changes in its company trademark, from Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. in 1987, to Southern Tsunami in 2003, to the currently used AFC Franchise Corp. registered in 2012. This explains the different logos printed on the uniforms.