Sushi Collection

Prepackaged Sushi

Sealed in disposable containers, prepackaged sushi became an affordable and convenient meal option. With a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks and a soy sauce packet, one could purchase a plate of sushi at the supermarket and easily enjoy it on the go. Prepackaged sushi provided consumers with another healthy, affordable meal option at local supermarkets. Popularity also spread with the use of chopsticks, enriching the American understanding of a traditional Asian eating utensil.

Prepackaged sushi comes in a two-piece plastic container. The colored tray often comes with printed embellishments, replicating the types of designs commonly found on Japanese dishware, making it a critical feature in effectively marketing the product as Japanese. But most importantly, the lid is always clear in order for the content to show through.

The content varies from individual sushi types to assorted packages and party platters. Though Advanced Fresh Concepts offers over one hundred items in its menu selection, most stores only hold eight or nine with a weekly rotation. Customers can also request that the sushi chef create a specific assortment if it is not available in the prepackaged selection. Larger party platters have also grown to be a popular food option at gatherings and events.