Sushi Collection

Biography: Chef James Kyaw

James Kyaw is an immigrant from Burma who has been with Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. since 1990. Throughout his time at Advanced Fresh Concepts, his role grew from sushi chef to franchisee. He now owns a number of Advanced Fresh Concepts stores across the nation, and has also transferred some stores to some of his old employees.

As a store owner, he takes inventory of the amount and the quality of the delivered sushi ingredients as well as checks the temperature for the store's freezer. Moreover, as a sushi chef with over 20 years of experience, James has been selected to demonstrate sushi making at various AFC store openings, such as the 2007 grand opening of the AFC sushi bar in Guam’s Orote Commissary.

Throughout his career as a sushi chef at various AFC supermarket locations, James has worn several different AFC sushi chef uniforms. These uniforms display his commitment and loyalty to the company.